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Hello and Welcome to SPYNE Pilates Studio!

We are a group of dedicated and passionate instructors that are ready to meet you where you are physically and provide a safe place for you to show up, have fun, get stronger and get a great workout. We invite you to come to take a class in our clean, bright studio where the group classes are small and you are being seen by your instructor. Come join us and become a part of our studio community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to register online to secure your place in the class of your choice, or you can call the studio to schedule a private session. Walk-ins are limited to availability, so we strongly recommend that you make a reservation. Please arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes early if it’s your first time, ensure that you complete the online waiver and intake sheet prior to your first visit.

You’re going to want to wear form-fitting clothes for Pilates classes rather than loose workout clothes. This way the instructor can see your movements and form and be better able to adjust you during class. Try to avoid shorts unless they have tights underneath because you’re legs will be overhead at some point and you don’t want your shorts ridding up. For reformer/equipment classes socks/grip socks are mandatory and grip socks/bare foot for other classes. Socks are worn not only for sanitation, but also for non-slip traction during the classes.

Feeling sore depends on each person. Pilates is what you put into it. Some people don’t feel sore. If you’re really conscious and making an effort to make every movement count, you’ll most likely feel something the following day. It also has to do with how active you are. If you’ve not been very active you’ll probably feel it more than someone who’s very active. It’s all relative.

Results vary and are based on consistency. We recommend coming to class 2 – 3 times per week and becoming more active in your daily life. As Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body”.

Be consistent, especially in the beginning. Don’t just try it once. Give it a few shots and do it in succession. Make it your reward, your break from a hectic day. Also, listen to your body and really concentrate — it makes for a better workout. You need to be present for Pilates, meaning you’ll need to have a mind-body connection. Your body and mind will thank you.