About Us

 SPYNE’s mission is to reduce our clients’ aches and pains so that they can become stronger and continue living a more active life and keep doing the things they love.  We provide our clients with a supportive environment and meet them where they are physically because we believe in the power of movement and a lifetime of wellness. 

Boutique Pilates and Barre Studio in Middlebury, CT

SPYNE Pilates studio is a boutique studio fully equipped with Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and small props. Our group classes a small and attention is given to each person in the class to facilitate a natural progression through the exercises.

We take pride in seeing our clients improve from one week to the next.  Because our classes are small we are able to take our clients safely through exercises, help them progress over time and address imbalances in their bodies as needed.

Simone Pyne

Pilates instructor, Studio Owner

Simone is the owner of SPYNE Pilates Studio and has been practicing Pilates for over 12 years. She has always been physically active – aerobics, weight training, running etc. and discovered that Pilates was not just an exercise, but challenged her both physically and mentally. Simone took her love of Pilates to the next level and started her formal training in 2010. She received her Stott Mat and Reformer certification in 2012 and her Total Barre certificate in 2013, PiYo – Strength in 2014 and Injuries & Special Population (ISP) in 2016, Buff Bones certified 2019, and completed her Fascial Movement Foundation course in 2020.  Continuing education is top of mind for Simone because she believes in being in the know with the fitness industry and adding variety and spice to her sessions and classes.  Simone works mostly with clients that are pre and post-surgery by helping them delay, get ready or recover from injuries or weaknesses in their joints and body.  Providing a safe, welcoming environment where everyone feels welcome, no matter their color, shape, size, or orientation is important to her because “we all deserve to be happy and getting healthy is the first step”.

Lika Koroliova

Barre Instructor

Lika is our resident “barre tender” to the core. And yes, even though she has tended a regular bar, we’re talking about a full-body, intense, and extremely rewarding workout, that she has the pleasure to teach.  

 Lika literally stumbled upon Barre in 2015, when she first tried the class as a student and it was love from the very first “plie”.  She was hooked.  In March of 2019, she became certified to teach Bare and she has been teaching ever since.  Lika is certified in Total Barre and she has completed her Barre Intensity certification training.  She loves to blend different barre techniques to get an optimal fun workout routine.  Lika’s goal has always been to bring an exciting, challenging, but most importantly, safe workout experience to all the participants in her class.  She believes that consistency and dedication can produce amazing results no matter what fitness level we start from.  The Key is to love your body, believe in yourself, and never give up!